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David Shanfeld



I began the craft of hot glass in college as an elective. After graduating from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 1991 with a B.F.A., I had no expectations of working with glass again. However, in 1994, I wandered into Tesuque Glassworks and was intrigued by Charlie Miner's glass castings. While asking for some helpful hints on casting, I was offered a job.


This serendipitous opportunity has been an invaluable continuation of my education in both casting and glassblowing. When I work with glass, it is with a well-deserved respect for the material, coaxing the material to evoke what is already in its nature.

I took a sabbatical from TGW for a few years to work with well known glass artist Mary Shaffer and to learn the technique of casting bronze at Shidoni Foundry and the Art Foundry. In 2002, I returned to Tesuque Glassworks and have since been working on glass casting and a cane working technique of glass blowing.”


David lives north of Santa Fe, and continues his creative discoveries in glass with his Ancient Fish, blown glass that is then covered with powdered glass, and put in a kiln overnight. The colors and textures are unusual, and a perfect fit of southwestern feeling and artistic design that fits right in with our gallery.